Thursday, April 15, 2010

“Well Toto...we’re not in Wisconsin anymore”, we made it to NCUR 2010!

We did it…with UWRF in the lead, some 360 undergraduate scholars from across the region successfully arrived in balmy Montana on the 14th for NCUR 2010! The flight out here was spectacular, with excellent and extremely friendly service from the Sun Country crews all the way! They made the trip a blast! Of course as you can see they made some of us work for our upgrades ;-))) !!! Both 737’s arrived in Missoula after beautiful flights across the plains and into the Rockies. Now the real work begins! Posters and oral presentations start this morning and our students are ready to go!

Shown here in transit and upon arrival are UWRF students Michelle Haring, Paul Casper, Ashley Graef, Felicha Colbeth and Chuck Phillips. Dr. Lyden (SURSCA Adviser) had to bus tables for his first class upgrade! Meanwhile, Chancellor Van Galen and Dr. Campbell as well as Nija Lawrence-Porter and our good friend from UW La Crosse, Dr. VJ Argawal enjoyed the hospitality of Sun Country.

Thanks, Sun Country!

A great start!

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